Whole House Flooded?

Don’t Panic!  The quicker we can get started the quicker you’ll be back to normal!

Even if your whole house flooded, you’ll be in safe and experienced hands.  I can deal with anything from a fresh water pipe leaking up to major flash floods dumping mud and silt all over your home.  The most important part is sanitising, cleaning and professionally drying under your flooring, the cavity inside your walls (internal and external) and behind your fitted kitchen cabinets… because if water is left here secondary damage can happen and even Black Mould Growth.

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Whole House Flooded?   … I Guarantee You The Best Water Damage Clean-Up Service In Hertfordshire!    I’ll ‘Fix Your Flood’ And Have Your Home Back To Normal In Super Quick Time … OR IT’S FREE!

Who Can You Trust?

I am a local company owner with almost 20 years of flood Restoration behind me!

Often your insurance company are not much help, they create this image that once you call them they will wave a magic wand and make everything better again.   Sorry this doesn’t happen!   They normally leave you to contact the trades, you have to deal with the trades employees, and finally they give you reams of forms to complete before payment … all at a time when you’re stressed.  I will work directly for YOU.  I will do what I can to help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Deal Directly With Me!

At ‘Fix My Flood’ you deal directly with me … Mark Pritchard, as I’m the owner and the technician.

When you select me to help with your flood, you’ll receive my many years of experience of dealing with floods and insurance companies.

I will help restore your home or building back to pre-damage as quickly.   I focus on safely drying, including deodorising and anti-microbial disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water.  Drying quickly is important for TWO reasons.
1:  It helps minimise secondary water damage to walls, floors, carpets and upholstery
2:  Prevents Black Mould growth in the home.

The latest Equipment

And I use the most up-to-date science To Dry Quickly & Safely

Using the latest van-mounted extraction equipment ( No Electricity Needed ) I can effectively remove up to 97% of the water in just a few minutes.  For the remaining water (i.e. what has soaked into the walls and floor) I will set-up drying equipment to remove the moisture from the room under a controlled environment using dehumidifiers, turbo dryers, air movers and wall drying equipment.
I will personally return regularly to monitor the equipment and measure humidity and temperature to ensure proper drying is taking place (too fast can also cause damage).   Using the latest ‘Thermal Imaging’ cameras I am to find water migration that the human eye and even damp metres can find, so we know your home is completely dry and safe.    To help you my ‘Report and Invoicing’ will answer almost all the questions your Insurance company ask, allowing you to close the case quicker and get back to normal.

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