If your hardwood floors have been flooded you will really need to make sure it’s dried QUICKLY both on top and underneath!

Your floor surface maybe sealed on top, but most sealers will not repel standing water for hours.  Plus the water will spread to the edges of the floors and soak underneath are not sealed or treated and of course soak into the subfloor. If your leak has soaked under the wooden floor this may cause secondary damage like buckling, crowning or cupping.

Fix My Flood Stop Hardwood floors from Buckling

Also if left for 1-2 days Black Mould will start to grow.

Here’s are three steps to save your floors from water damage…


We remove one length of skirtingboard or edging cover which normally reveals a gap under the floor.   We fix our drying vents so air is directed to reach under and along the floor


We force ‘Filtered, Warm and Dry Air’ under the floor to deep dry all surfaces (inc subfloor or floor joists)


We use specialist equipment and techniques to draw the water through the floor and capture the moist air and divert this dirty and moist air to large dehumidifiers, which will filter the air and move the moisture. before returning the fresh, warm and dry air to the air movers to be pumped back under the floor again.

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