In 4-Steps we can quickly DEEP DRY all your floors to help prevent secondary damage. (If required ‘Fix My Flood’ we can dry a flood with the carpet and underlay still in place).

1: Using the warm dry air from the dehumidifier we blast the air across the floor with a hi-speed AirMover.

2: The AirMover causes negative ‘air pressure’ which sucks air around the carpet/flooring and draws the moisture from under the carpet/floor and evaporate into the air.

3: An industrial Dehumidifier recovers water from the air by condensation, returning filtered, WARM & DRY air back to the room.

4: All the recovered flood water goes safely to drain or toilet.

This process has to be monitored as it a balancing act between dry too fast and too slowly, then we don’t want to over dry wood as this could cause damage too.

WARNING: Your underlay is like a sponge and can take weeks to dry on its own, if covered with a carpet! Mould starts to form (and smell) within 1-2 days.

How To Dry A Flooded Floor (and Carpet)!

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