Appliance Failure/Leak

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Boilers etc…

The advantage of today’s appliances like dishwasher’s and washing machine’s is they work so well, we fill them up, turn them on and leave them to to their job … while we are free to go to work, do the shopping, or even go to bed.  The main disadvantage is most are most are plumbed directly into the main water supply!

I have seen many kitchen appliances that have happily pumped water into the home, while the family were sleeping or out at work and school.  Even if a component or hose only cracked … it could still pump around 1 cubic metre (1,000 litres) of water every two hours.  That’s about 10 bath fulls of water every 2-hours that can spread around your home.

You may able to mop up some of this water, but what about the flood water that soaked into the bases of your kitchen cabinets, in between the wall cavity of both inside and outside walls, and soak into or under your flooring into the sub-floor.   Its these areas that are most important, because if the flood water soaks into a hidden places Black Mould can start to form.  It maybe a year or more before you find it once people start to become sick.

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The TWO Problems With Appliance Failures

Firstly:  Long-Term Water Leaks From Hoses etc…

You may think a dripping pipe or hose may not seem to be much of a problem.  It can’t be as bad as a flood… can it?   The simple answer is YES.  If left for a long time a dripping can cause substantial damage to your home.   You may think its just a few drops of water on the floor, but this can soak into the subfloor and damage your footings.  Also as this type of leak is behind of under the appliance it is normally in dark areas it can cause Black Mould to start growing … Black Mould spores are a major health issue to you and your family.

Secondly: A Complete Failure or Burst Pipes.

A fresh water (supply) hose is always under pressure therefore these can burst at any time, even when the machine is not turned on.   And the biggest problem that pressure will keep the water coming until the mains is turned off.  As its clean water you need to make sure everywhere is completely dried and aired.  If its the waste water you have the dirt and detergent which can contaminate your home.  This needs to be cleaned and decontaminated, then dried.

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