Had a small leak or large flood in your kitchen? Either can leave water under or behind your kitchen cabinets. This water or moisture can damage the kitchen cabinet carcase (regardless if chipboard, MDF or solid wood) by bowing or swelling them, which can make the cabinet weaker.

Fix my Flood helps stops damage and mould growthAlso if the flood water or even moisture is left in the dark under or behind the cabinets for more than 1-2 days Black Mould will start to form.   The problem here is you will NOT SEE the surface mould for maybe 14-21 days, by which time you’ve long forgotten about the flood and its all covered back over.   So if the area you can clearly see is dry and you put the plinths back on you may have just started your very own ‘Black Mould’ & Fungi Party.

Black Mould can take one to two years before it has grown enough to allow sore spread around the room … making you or your family feel sick!

So to save replacing the kitchen and keep your HOME HEALTHY you must dry this area out completely by blowing fresh air over the area for the times its been wet plus two days.

Here’s the 3 Steps you need..


We remove the plinths along the bottom of the cabinets and fix our special drying vents so our forced-air can be directed to be able to reach under each cabinet.


We force ‘Filtered, Warm and Dry Air’ under each cabinet to completely deep dry all surfaces including the carcase, floor and wall by evaporating the moisture into the air.  This will prevent secondary damage and stop Black Mould from forming under or behind the cabinet.


The flood water is now turned into moisture in the air.  This moist air is forced out of the cupboard doors and collected by a Dehumidifier to recover the water from the air.   This will allow us to use the warm dry air from the front of the Dehumidifier to be directed back to the air mover to complete the cycle.