water damage restoration is the cleaning up drying and restoring to pre-damage state

How We Remove Water From Your Floor & Carpets…

In 4-Steps we can quickly DEEP DRY all your floors to help prevent secondary damage. (If required 'Fix My Flood' we can dry a flood with the carpet and underlay still in place). 1: Using

How To Save Your Kitchen Cabinets…

Had a small leak or large flood in your kitchen? Either can leave water under or behind your kitchen cabinets. This water or moisture can damage the kitchen cabinet carcase (regardless if chipboard, MDF or

How To Save Your Hardwood Floors…

If your hardwood floors have been flooded you will really need to make sure it’s dried QUICKLY both on top and underneath! Your floor surface maybe sealed on top, but most sealers will not repel

How To Dry INSIDE Your Walls…

One of the biggest problems I see, sometimes a year or two after a leak or small flood, is secondary damage caused by moisture being left inside a wall cavity or a ceiling void. This

7-Tips For Dealing With A Water Escape

7-Tips to Fix My Flood 7-Tips For Dealing With A Water Escape From Burst Pipes, Water Leak or Flood in your Hertfordshire Home 1 STOP THE WATER! Isolate the leak by turning the

3 major things you must consider with a flood

In any flood situation there are THREE major things you must consider 1 Safety:  Above all safety for you and your family should be uppermost in your mind.  If your water has come though a